Cannot Set Time Using TaifunAlarm


inculding error 908

First of all I believe you should ask permission on Screen initialize. Also are you testing with apk because according to developer you have to build apk to test it

hmm i will try but then still not working

what about trying the example project?

what about error 908

not working
aia file example project

From the documentation

Required permission:
Note: You will have to build the app to be able to test it, because the companion app does not offer the required permission.


it gets automaticaly denied by the android os and i cant renable it in settings app\

I Finally Found The Issue It Was The Api Level Using Higher Api Level I Can Use And Set Alarm Clock

Note : For Anyone Having Issues With Taifun Alarm Please Use Higher Api Level!!!

from the documentation

This extension enables you to set an alarm programmatically for devices > API Level 9, Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).


thanks i didnt look on it

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