Canot open the aplication without internet

when i open the aplication without internet its force close

What components and/or extensions have you used?

media.aia (640.0 KB)

Wait while I check your aia.

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You should be awarded with Best Learner :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning:.

(Take it lightly as fun)

Anyway, if you are using any component that uses internet and while using your data connection is off the app will close.

thnks im beginer

Appreciated…I was in same row 2 years back. So, don’t be ashamed while asking. But check community, internet and YouTube also. Less time, much knowledge is there.

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hope you help me to learn


Without any doubt my brother. :blush:

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Your app keeps stopping…

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wht to do any idea

Hi @eyepictures8
Instead of giving AIA , showing us blocks will take less time to solve your problem.

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Checked aia. Nothing strange found. Only problem I found is that you set duplicate data uri on activity starter. But, seem that is not the problem.

use if else logic…

I’m not familiar with Lottie, but you set the source in the Designer and in the blocks. Remove it from blocks (or check first if there is an Internet connection):

Hi @eyepictures8 , try uploading lottie file to assets and then set it from properties instead of link. Maybe this will fix the problem.

Oops! Yes! The problem is with Lottie Files.
You have set lottie file from link. So, whenever you open app, it try to fetch the file from link. If network is connected, it works fine! But, when you have no network, app can’t fetch the Lottie and crashes…

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as I said remove it from the blocks and it works …


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