Can't able to purchase Commission Removal with my debit card

can’t able to purchase Commission Removal with my debit card, i will tried with 3 international debit card but still facing same error
Your card was declined. Input a valid one

Can you look in to this @Diego, @Sivagiri, @Sander

Verify your card details or best to contact kodular owner or admin.

@Boban i did not got any response from team what can i do? i need to remove commission from my app please help

i am not able to remove commission from app. i will try 2 international debit card

which cards u are trying to add ?

visa card from union bank

my SBI Global Visa card also getting declined
then i tried to purchase any other international (global) service …got same error
so i think i need to contact with bank manager.

if you getting same error on other sevices ?

  1. check your international service is enable or disable
  2. contact bank
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