Can't login to app

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I can’t get in no matter what I try. I am using Firefox. I found that it has nothing to do with internet speed.

Does this problem occurs with a specific project or with all your projects ?

happening on a specific project

How big is your project ? Can you download it ?


I downloaded it 1.8mb in size

Do you want to pm me your aia to check it ?

aia deleted by Mod

of course take

If you downloaded the aia file, I would like to delete it from here.

Delete it for you

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Is the problem understood?

Yet it takes for ever to open it but maybe it is due to number of blocks, more than 27000. I pm you an aia that I opened in Google Chrome, check it

problem persists i can’t open
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That was a lot

When will the 27000 block limit increase? This limit is really pushing.

The problem persists :frowning:

You cont get solution for this . I think

I need to be able to log in to reduce blocks.

Both internet connection and the hardware of your computer are important

Unfortunately, I do not know what I can suggest except editing the project.aia manually

I’m thinking of keeping it on the loading screen on opening for 24 hours, will it work?

Pointless if it doesn’t load within 5-15 min (otherwise it will timeout)