Cant retrieve firebase data to listview

I have a firebase database with items like countries and each country has their own cities.

I want to do a scrollable list on my app where i show the current list of countries and users can click them to acess their rest of info. I have not been able to retrieve these firebase ites to my listview. The only thing i was able to retrieve was one of the items in the database to a subtitle.

Ive tried to do as numerous examples i found on the web but nothing worked…
I tried with airtable but no success either.

I dont need it to be done with firebase. I just need to be able to store the info online and the app to retrieve the new data as it is updated.

Im kinda new to all this so any help would be great. Thanks. And keep up the great work

ya i can help you .Just gave me some Ans. You are using Listview component or Listview textimage component.

Listview component i think.

Hey @frasaraiva!
Welcome to the community!

Can you please show how you have stored the data in Firebase ?
How have you structured it ?

show me block how you are storing the list.

Hello sivagari,
thank you :slight_smile:
i have stored the database like this image

i want my listview to show in a list the items “Chest” and “legs”