Cant see location

i cant see my location sign on the map unfortunately. in appybuilder version i see my location sign on the map (but appybuilder have problem with visibility of map on latest android version, and its understandable) but in in “kodular” version location sign dont sees. app small and easy. dont have a code inside. dont undersand what wrong here. another apk who used location working good same time and at trhis place. last time i used xiaomi 4 pro with android 6, now xiaomi 9 with android 10, same result on both of them. Help please.

you must provide your blocks.So we can help you.

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thank you Mohamed, this apk have no any code string (block) inside. But at this time i added some blocks like this, and now i see location sign, but sign have very frozen motion. That coding very strange for me, becaouse options of command adds on designer part before. But its ok, problem solved, thank you Mohamed.

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that’s because the location sensor takes many time to get the location

Happy it’s solved :grinning:

You’re welcome:+1:

Is this the solution???
If yes then mark it as solution so that others can get help when they face this problem

Or if this is not a solution then please provide here

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No no why u marked my post a solution
These blocks are yours
M changing the solution post…
I have marked your 3rd post as solution

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