Can't see the icon on the screen

After creating the app on kodular, export the apk file to install for the phone. but after installing, I can’t see the icon on the screen, so I can’t open the application. need someone to help me.

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Share your apk

i have deleted it.

If you did not set your application icon for your app, your icon should be a default Kodular icon (same as the icon of Kodular Creator). If you did reset your application icon to any other picture, you should see it.

Hi Kodular brothers and sisters!
If there is a project, when exporting the apk file, when installing it on the smartphone, there is an icon like I choose, but there are also projects, the apk file is successfully exported, installed on the phone is also successful but can’t open because the icon is nowhere to be found. or after the installation is complete, the finish indicator and Open do not appear. Currently, I just know Kodular, so I don’t know all these problems. The other project I deleted. My first time using Kodular I found your application amazing. I am very happy about the Kodular application. Kodular is awesome. Thank you to the members who created Kodular. Wish you health, happiness and better Kodular development. I sincerely thank everyone.

Vào Th 7, 31 thg 7, 2021 vào lúc 10:49 Gordon Lu via Kodular Community Email <[email protected]> đã viết: