Can't take a screenshot using TaifunScreenshot extension

Hi, i changes my phone … Huawei for oppo and now, i can t take a screenshot…

I use taifun screenshot.take a screenshot block and tinydb



You can use inbuilt screenshot component for this purpose too

Android 11? Are you using latest version 2 ?

Yes, v 11 of Android version

What s this ?

When you ask me about latest 2…what are you talking about ?

The version 2 of the extension (TaifunScreenshot)

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I dont know if it s the first or second, where can i find he version, and find the qecond one please, if it s this wich create rhe problem ?

Click the info button and it will show the version


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Mine is version 1b

Then download version 2 from the Pura Vida website

When using extensions always check that you are using latest version


Thanks, i m going to try v2, if it sworks good

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