Can't update my makeroid store app

this is my current version den I try to upload my APK with this version but it shows me this error ?

Try to restart your PC, maybe there is some cache I think

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i tried but now when i upload new version the site will go white and nothing happens

when i upload new version the site starts to load and then goes blank shown in the screenshot but it will not update the version

p.s. also happens with firefox

yes my problem too

It should now be fixed :+1:


I’m going to try, I’ve had this mistake for more than two months
EDIT : It works :slight_smile:
Thanks ! I’ve updated my app 2 months later :sweat_smile:

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Sorry for fixing it so late :sweat_smile:
When @Marggx posted it logs were fresh and I could catch the corrupted function and fix it


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