Cant upload imagen whith just one internet provider

hello to everyone. Develop an app that sends audio, text and image to my server. Everything works fine, but the problem appears with only one internet company.
When I try to upload files connected to the WOM network (ex nextel company) my app stops working well, it does not load images from my server and it does not allow me to send them. But when I connect the same smartphone to another internet provider everything works fine.

I leave you my blocks of how I connect.

I really appreciate you can help me!

Captura de Pantalla 2020-11-13 a la(s) 13.36.49

With the same blocks, same ftp server, in one connection (VIVO) does it work and in another (Claro) it doesn’t work? What error message?

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Thanks for answering.

That’s right, they can only log in but it doesn’t upload the icon images and it doesn’t allow uploading audio or video.
In any other connection there are no problems, with the same blocks, same user, same FTP connection.

I used connection block and it shows me TRUE and error block does not throw any error.

WOM (Ex-Nextel) is the only company that gives me problems.