Capture value to table [RESOLVED]

Hello everyone!
I have a doubt:

I have a test that I am doing a registration, as the image of the blocks below:

How do I get the value I select in the vertical scroll to add it to the table (arrow ā€˜2ā€™)


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you can store that item into a global variable when element click, when element click you have shown notifier, that time also store that value to a variable and then when button click in that value no 2 use that variable ,

Thank you for your help!

Could I abuse your goodwill?

Could you show the blocks of how this process that you answered me would look like?

Iā€™m starting and got lost :frowning:


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Check this,

uau friend!!! thank you !!! Great!!!

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welcome, mark answer as solution to close topic and lead others to solved topic for next

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