Card content doesn't appear at screen nomatter what

Hi, everyone, I am making a video app just for exercising but I made something - no idea what - and since them the content of a cardview doesn’t appear correctly at my phone’s screen.
The problem is at “VerticalScrollPerfil” arrangement, which should be visible when the user click “Meu perfil” at bottom navigation bar. This works all fine but the “CardFotoeNome” content doesn’t appear no matter what I do. I changed all collors and sizes but nothing worked. If someone can take a look I will be very grateful:

Here is the problematic screen:
TEMPLATEVideoAppTukTuk_Inicio.ais (18,6,KB)

  • feel free to use the .ais at your projects, it was already open source anyway…

This is, as far as I can tell, the only relevant block:

I sent the aia above because I really believe the problem is at design part not in the blocks, but I doubt nothing.

Check your initialize screen blocks


Hi there, Boban. I swear, if I could I would kiss you right now.
I would never find the problem by myself because the problem is at screen1, not at Inicio Screen hehe
For some reason the firebase authentication is not working at screen1 sometimes, and I made a small mistake, adding empty text as default value to be used if there is not value at tinydb.
But well, now I know where the problem is and I can find and correct the problem.

This is not the first time you help me with small problems like this or others much more complicated.


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