Card Validator - Determine & Generate Card Number [Extension] [FREE] (100% Secure)

Card Validator - Determine & Generate Card Number [Extension] [FREE] (100% Secure)

Hello guys, using this extension you can determine card type and also you can check the card number is valid or not.

Total Blocks -
This extension have just two functions, two events and four properties.

Just set your card number to check it’s validity or to get it’s type.


It’s rises when given card number determined.


  • number - It’s return the card number that you given as long number.
  • isValid - It’s return boolean.
  • cardType - It’s return card type as string.

Using this block you can generate random fake card number.
Set bin to generate custom card type number.
Here you can use extension properties.
Set length for the card number how you want. Default card length is 16.


You can use this properties as bin when you want to generate card number.

It’s rises when card generated by given information.

  • bin - It’s return the given bin for the card as String.
  • lenght - It’s return the given length for the card as Integer.
  • cardNumber - It’s return the new generated card number as String.
  • month - It’s return expire date of month just two digit as string.
  • year - *It’s return expire date, just last two digit of year as integer. *
  • cardHolder - It’s return the card holder name as string.
  • cvc - It’s return the cvc code number as integer.
  • cardType - It’s return card type as string.
  • isValid - It’s return boolean.

It’s just an example of uses.


yo.Jewel.CardValidator.aix (43.1 KB)

Let’s Enjoy…

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What/which card is the extension for? And If we use the extension, how are we guaranteed that the credential is safe? (Not stored anywhere)

You should provide this info to gain trust.
Also, minimize the recent extensions showcase to keep it clean.



This extension not required internet connection, so you can use this extension without any doubt.


Nice extension

No one would know that since android.permission.INTERNET is required by nearly every application created for :android:.

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This extension never ask cvc or validity date. Just number to guess type and is the given number valid or not.

Thanks dear Firoz

What about this question?

I think the best way to show that the extension is safe is making it Open Source. But anyways its on the developer to take that decision.


This extension can detect any card number valid or not but it’s can detect type also mastercard, visa, american express, discover, otherwise return unknown type.

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Yes, I’ll make it opensource. Just need some time.

Now you can generate random fake card number using this extension.

(Thanks everyone)

great work!

will it be always fake or it can be someone’s real also?

This extension always generate fake card number, but it may generate randomly real card number too. But you can’t get cvc and expire date.

If generated card number matches with any real card number, then it’s accidently.

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Can’t we just do it using inbuilt blocks easily :thinking:

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It’s possible to do with inbuilt blocks. But you’ve to write huge blocks for that.

No, all I have to do is search Google for generating fake card numbers in JS and just I need to run it in web-viewer.

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I’ve done with java without external library

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Same :heart:

New features added :heart_eyes: