CardView Extension With Taifun's File Extension


i m working on a new project in which i m using @Taifun 's file Extension to make a list of all files in a directory and seting that image to cardViewer Extesion images!!

Now I Just Wanna that when that cardview picked then i get the position not the Image path i want that image path to view the Same image in full Screen With Image component…

Can Anybody Help,


Can you make your question more clear

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It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


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Here’s What i want to do:
Mine Mind Map of App Logics (Blocks):

  1. at screen initialize i have created a list of a directory from Taifun Files With Both Images (jpg) and Videos (mp4)

  2. i implement the list to show in cardView Extension with all the images in Directory. (Till This It Works Succesfully)

  3. Now if any of the CardView (Mean Image) Picked From that I want a Layout to Visible with image.

  4. Then i unvisible The Layout with that images ans open a new layout with image component.
    Here i want to show the same image is clicked or picked by the user BUT

In CardView i get Block of Get Position not any othe like image url(Path).

I want the New Window Image to same and Want to get same path
Is it Possible??


you might want to ask the developer of the cardview extension

@hammerhai you saw something :sweat_smile:

What did I see?

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