Category Not Found while app Publishing

I want to publish a game. But there is no gaming category. Please help

Makeroid Store don’t have game categories like the Google Play Store for now.

@Kodular Can you separate the current categories to an Apps category and add new subcategories for games and have 2 main categories apps and games?

Maybe @Sander can look into it.

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Great, thanks @Mika.

You can use the entertaiment category for now. I will add a gaming category soon

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Thanks @Sander . I have already done that.


Added a category called “Gaming” you can use it now :slight_smile:


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Hi @Sander,
Thank you for your solution to @Debargha_Bhadra’s issue.

I would like to give you a small request of mine that you might be able to help me with it.

As I said in an early post in this topic, can you create sub-categories for games next to app sub-categories?

Like Arcade, Casual, Adventure and more. With Makeroid, it’s possible to create games too so we need to have a place for games on the store.

Hope you’ll be able to help.

Again, that would be copying (Google) Play Store :wink:

But right now they aren’t needed. Depending on the volume of games we will have in a future we might implement them

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@Barreeeiroo Even if you call that a copy… Makeroid Store will be the best. “The Store that allows developers to publish apps without any registration fee”

Love to @Kodular


Whats New Section should be added in store Like it has in Playstore When Developer Update Any App Then It Should Ask For What’s New In The App
@Kodular @Sander

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I will add a text box for release notes on the updating system

I want you to also make store work like Playstore like without login in store player can download Apps Without login in @Kodular @Sander

You cant download apps without login in, please try logout and you see it for yourself

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First of all, Play Store doesn’t allow APK download from browsers
And then, in order to use Play Store App to download apps you will need a Google Account

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Have you added release Note Textbox For Updating App On Makeroid Store @Kodular @Sander

You guys should really check yourselves to see if he added it… He doesn’t always have time to reply like all of the developers don’t. And also don’t tag Makeroid then Sander, as he’s in the Makeroid group and will be notified twice which is useless!

I added a textbox there, but I need to add it to the public app page