Cell group airtable


Im trying to make a app with some repeat fields in airtable.

I have city, local, street and url (photo).

In the airtable spreasheet I have 30 rows. In these I have 15 CITY A, 10 CITY B and 5 CITY C.

In the app I want pick (by side menu) only for cities.

How I can group in the blocks the airtable fields and show them?

Thank you

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Any idea or help?

you can use Airtable spreadsheet.get column block, the copy the cities column value in variable from the airtable spreadsheet got column.

First of all, create a list of all different cities in different tables, including at least two columns, first place, local area name or anything related to it, and enter the URL in the second column.

Apart from this, there are many other ways.