Chamaeleon (Your Material Textfield)

Here’s the Spill :tea:

Today I’m deciding to release the extension Chamaeleon. A thing or those who’ve been waiting for the day of having Material, adding an additional type of Textfield to Kodular. Now some issues have unfortunately come with this, I’ve been trying to fix them all this time and I’ve got no where. Here they are.

Known Issues

- The hint text color is unable to be changed. I’m still trying to fix this, but as of now it hasn’t been fixed.
- Text colors of multiple things are unable to be changed, besides the text color of the user typed text itself.
- The Filled Textfield has a little and kinda big issue we’ve all been aware about, it’s a layout issue of itself. You wouldn’t understand how much I’ve tried to fix this and how many errors I went through attempting to do so.
- The ability to add multiple to an arrangement doesn’t work.

Things you might think are issues, but aren’t

- Being able to change the background color of the Textfield and it only changing on the Filled Textfield. This is meant to happen.

What are the properties

- Background Color: Changes the background color of ONLY the Filled Textfield
- Beta: If you want to work with the Filled Textfield with layout issues, you need to turn on Beta
- Corner Radii: Default is 5, but you can change the border radius basically
- Cursor Visible: Should it show the line that pops up when someone starts getting ready to type.
- Hint Text Color: It doesn’t have anything hooked to it, so it won’t work, but it’s supposed to
- Text Color: What color should the color of the users typed text be
- Type: There a 3 choices of None, Outlined (default), and Filled (only available over the beta setting)

A block or two

During these few days, I did get one thing working…
I think, the what I like to call Dynamic Properties are pretty self-explanatory.

- Container: Where should your Textfield by spawned
Counter Enabled: Should a character counter be shown
*Counter Max Length: If counter is enabled and a user types out of the max limit. The counter will turn red.
Enabled: Is the Textfield enabled
Error Enabled: Should an error be shown
Error Text: What error should be shown if something is incorrect
Helper Enabled: Should a description be enabled, more detailed
Helper Text: What is the Textfield for
Hint Text: The floating label content
Id: A number to identify the Textfield
Single Line: Should the Textfield only be able to span one line

The Textfield contains a Textview, but is technically a Textbox, styled to be different.

Again for everything, you’re probably gonna have to set your arrangement to black or a dark color until it’s all fixed and fully stable. I apologize for the issues. Just make a default dark mode in your app forever?

io.github.kodedscorpius.aix (1.46 KB)


Great extension​:smiley:

I was working on something like this. But stopped working as I got to know that you are working on it.

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thank you for your contribution…
what exactly is a textfield? Is it a textbox or a label?
also probably a screenshot or a short video would help to better understand, what the extension is about…

unfortunately I do not understand, what the different properties are about…



A “last-minute” change

If you’re currently using the Filled Text Field, switch to the Outlined Text Field if you plan on upgrading as it will disappear. As of now I am unable to fix the layout issues and plan on just removing it. One thing I did find is I’m not the only one having issue with the Filled Text Field, Google also appears to have products that is having the issue as well.

Preview ? Please

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Preview? You can download the extension from the first post and test it.


Does this extension only work in Kodular? :thinking:

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I haven’t tried it on any other, but if you try, let everyone know.

This extension only works in Kodular. :frowning:

yet error is not solved??:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Why reply if I haven’t said anything about it? Why roll your eyes at something I have no control over? Why say something if you’ve never had to deal with issues before while making an extension?

When I get to remaking it again, you’ll be the last to know.

Can we use this extension to create dynamic textbox ?

Is that what the extension is for?

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