Change API level to 33 (Manually Compile AAB)

Where to Download these sofweres?

what about doing a Google search?
btw. the wiser option would be to just wait or in case you have to update your app now, extend the deadline until November as described here



Hello, help needed:
How do I get android.keystore file for ZipSigner? Thanks.

Go to Account → Preferences, at the General tab, you’ll see the Keystore section and Export keystore button.

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And me again.
I tried this with several of my apps on different laptops/notebooks and I always get when I upload the signed apk to google play store: “MIN_SIG_SCHEME_FOR_TARGET_SDK_NOT_MET: Target SDK version 33 requires a minimum of signature scheme v2; the APK is not signed with this or a later signature scheme.”
I have ZipSigner version 3.4.
Strange that no one else encountered this problem …

Now, I think I found my problem.
I tried the guide without the apk-to-aab-conversion.
I wanted to maintain my apk version and loaded them up to the play store and that causes the error messages.
Now, I converted one of my apks to aab and loaded it up and all is fine.
I will try it with my other apps.
This is a very good guide and my rescue.
Thank you very much.

try this step, it’s very easy to convert (solution), but it’s better to wait for kodular update to targetdk 33, maybe in september/october

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does google play accept this, has anyone tried it ?

Yes, you can do that… however there are also the behavioral changes to consider…
See also


thank you I really needed this

What a shame, it’s time to update the API to 33. Following these steps, it only allows it to be accepted by Google Play but contains errors when converting it to the .aab format, for example the error 703

,when it could not find the MP3 file.

Friend, check your blocks, you are doing something wrong, your error has nothing to do with the topic, in fact I just updated an app with mp3 sounds and I didn’t have any problems

You are trying to play a mp3 file… starting with SDK33 you have to ask for audio permission… this is one of those behavioral changes I mentioned earlier…

therefore if you have an update for an already existing app the wiser method is to extend the deadline and to upload using the old SDK31 until Kodular provides the SDK33 update including all behavioral changes


Can u plz say when the up date will be ready ???


Dear friends. Thank you for wanting to help but I found the problem was not in my code, but in the apk to aab converter, please do not use it anymore. Use the Aabinstaller app, it will not generate any errors.

I follow the tutorial but app did not decompile, it just show decompiling…

And nothing happen til 4 hours, the locate compiled apk button not active to click

We are adviced To be patient until Kodular Release SDK33
Extend the deadline.
Hope Kodular are Working on this if not they couldnot ask for our patient
Thank you

you can create with Kodular, export AIA project, import AIA with MIT APP Inventor, build aab from MIT App inventor

i just did this while kodular update sdk33

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