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Hello friends, I have an application where I need each user to change the id and key in the onesignal account so that each one receives a personal message, the keys and apis will be in a database and would be assigned according to the user, but not i can change api keys from kodular. It only gives me the option to put it fixed on screen one, is there a possibility to change this setting?

Please explain in one line i am not getting your point

Basically I need to know if it is possible to assign an api key to onesignal from a database, and not permanently and fixedly. That is, if there are 5 users who use the app, through a login and a database, a different onesignal API will be assigned.

Wait I will give you a solution I have a full solution to send personal message to a user through one signal but not now as in India it’s late night and I will respond you tomorrow morning means after 7 hours thanks for your cooperation . Just wait And will soon respond ok

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@Marcelo_Ruiz Please personal message me as I can’t share the extension here as per the community’s Rules/Guidelines

hello, can i get the extension you mean? Thank you Mr.aditya nanda.

Its not an extension its a component

Search for OneSignal extension by jerin jacob

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Thank you mas

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