Change API31 and Asset +5mb for free accounts

In this guide I intend to show how to raise the API to 31, but previously for those of us who still have limited free accounts, an alternative to be able to compile the APK without file limits in asset.

It is a 2 in 1 guide, each one carries what is useful to him.
as we know, when you want to compile with more than 5 MB of assets, we will get the notification.


what is proposed is to eliminate the files and assign them in the separate blocks with the name. (applies to images, audios, ect)


Then we just compile the APK as usual

Now it will be necessary to have the program (APK Easy Tool 1.6) comes in a portable version

once downloaded, in my case, the directory creates a folder called APK to have the file that I just compiled.

then we execute the apkeasytool and we go to browse > we select the APK and click on Decompile

when finished, at the bottom we can see what it says (SDK 30) we open the decompile directory

FILES: In the ASSETs folder we simply load the files (images, audio, …) which will be loaded by blocks

API: With any text editor we open the apktool.yml file and change the value to 31

now we open the AndroidManifest.xml file in the same way, in front of all the


we place android:exported=“true” respecting the spaces, the same with the


You can already see that the SDK increased to 31, now we compile the APK and send it to the mobile along with our android.keystore file to convert it to AAB and be able to sign it

on the mobile device we will need 2 apps APKtoAAB and Zipsigner


open the APKtoAAB load the APK and convert it to AAB

We open the ZipSigner and look for the directory where our AAB is

Then we go to the 3 dots and select My Keys > Register keystore

we select our android.keystore and it will ask us for a password, we place (android)

in Key/mode we select androidkey and give the button Sign the file.

We wait for the process to finish and that will be all.

We would already have our ABB with API 31 and exceeding the limit of 5MB of assets.


Excellent guide! :+1:t2:

Wow thanks so much for this guide

APK to AAB converter enlarges the apk from 6 mb up to 16mb in aab. What it add inside? Another app does not change the size of aab, even slightly reduce.