Change color (VerticalScrollArrangement)

Hello, I would like to know if you can remove the colored bar that is when you reach the last record, using the component (Vertical Scroll Arrangement). Sorry my english
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Please elaborate . How are you showing that color bar?

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This effect is called “OverScroll”.
It’s there to let the user know that they have reached the end and there’s no more content past this point.

You can change the color by changing the Screen’s Primary Color Property:


However if you really want to disable it, you can use this extension I just made:




com.appybuilder.kennicholsandroid.OverScroll.aix (5.6 KB)

OverScroll.aia (6.4 KB)

Incase anyone wants to see/modify the Java(No license restrictions or strings attached, use it however you like. :slight_smile: ):
.java: (1.5 KB)


thank you my friend, helped me a lot.

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