Change data according to tags

How can the changing data match the tags in the project bucket?
I found a problem, when the tag obtained the value does change but is not the same as the tag in each project bucket, because when the tag is absent = yes data changes all projects when there are some projects that have the tag absent = y
I show you the video I hope you understand what I mean.

What did you added blocks to get this firebase value?? Can you show that block?? According to the tag what did you get in the same block only it will work. Else you can use on button click rather than when firebase got value.

For which firebase tag value you try to get in that block only you can change,if you use this block… may be I am wrong

just like the one in the video when I press the button I give the block so that the data that changes only the data that corresponds to the value of the tag, but tags with unequal values also change with the same value as the value of the tag with the appropriate value.

Then use like this in the save fb value block ,

If the get value = ya
Save firebase tag(bucket name/tagname)
Value (as you mentioned)

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How can I take all the names of the bucket project?

Yoi mean all the tags under particular user??

Then set project bucket to that particular user and get tag list… so it will gives you all the tags under a tag

Instead of that , however you are going to use the same tags only under all the name so just create all the tags in a variable and from which just get it

I just want to get the name of the project bucket and then change one of the tags.

project f on the tag “denda” changed when the “absen” tag did not match its value

But your get value block is no where related to the tag it seems.

Actually what is your aim,

Want all the tags value or specific tag value alone for one user or for all user??

After getting value you want to change only one tag value , correct??

You should the below blocks,

On button click, get tag list

When firebase get tag list
For each item get tag list
Set project bucket get item
Get firebase tag (absen)

When firebase got value
Add items to the list (use one global variable)
Items get value.

And then add your desire blocks . If not let me help you

if you are willing you can help me GSR with pleasure I will accept your help :slight_smile: