Change icon and text on colintree

Hello everyone…I´m trying to change the icon of a selected element on colintree list (play button to pause button), but I need that the others elements icons stay unchanged or return to his initial state. Please anyone know how to solve this? …thanks

You should experiment with the blocks. This one i made once when you pressed the extrabutton on the colintreeview.

This is my methof to change the color and the text of the extra button in collinree list view.
If you click on a extra button longer only the clicked extra button changes his color and his text.

very simple i think

Could you ask in English? That’s the official forum language.


Hello, good afternoon, what would be the englishse COLIN TREE, because mine does not have this block, and if you have a link to download the most updated please!


hello there!

Have you resolved this yourself? I have the same problem. I could easily change the icon image on a certain element, but I can’t figure out how to have the others return to their initial initial/original icon image.

Anyone who can help me how to do this, please?