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Hi All,

I am trying to change the favorite color if it exist in the favorite list. I have iniatilised the variable globally
and I have set the variable on the click of favorite label-

Could you let me how i can fix this?


Cant understand what you want Can you explain with apk or aia

Thanks for replying!
so basically I want to change the color of this label based on the text. If in case the text presented on screen is favorited by user and stored in the list then I want to change color.
Hope it makes sense.finaln_label.aia (15.0 KB)

Please show all blocks, bc if we can’t see the whole logic, we will probably pass by the error…


I fixed the problem If you face again just tell me

fixed_finaln_label.aia (15.2 KB)

Thanks for looking into this issue as well. I appreciate it.
I tried your solution but somehow it didn’t work.

It is working!!! Thanks for your help. The file which you have shared, I couldn’t find any difference. Could you let me know where you have made the changes?

Yeah sure
your first mistake was in screen initilize

You forget to set global fav. to tinydb fav. so we can use it
Your Block

VS my Block

The second mistake was in the when favourite click
you just cleared all the enteries in global fav instead of removing the sepcific one…

Your Block

VS my Block



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Oh, that makes sense. I assumed tinydb will just clear that one index instead of whole.

Hmm… But Now you now the difference…

Mistakes makes us better

We learn from failures

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