Change of Development Platform

I want to know something. Please read my concern below-

If I make an APK from Kodular and host it in GooglePlay. After some time if we decide to remove the APK and upload the new version of APK development from another service provider, what are the important information we will need from Kodular to allow our new developer to make the new APK and host the same again in PlayStore with the new version? (The new developer will use Android Studio).

The new developer working with Android Studio should know this:
packageName & keystore


Package name nd Keystore is important

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If you want to change the development server then make sure you app package name is same in the other development server along with the kyestore of that app it’s very important to use the same kyestore.

Hope you’ll be able to understand.

Is it really necessary to repeat three times what I said?

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Sorry man just thought he might not understand that’s why.

anchitbarua told us that the new developer uses Android Studio. Anyone who does native programming using Android Studio knows that.