Changelog after update

Does anyone know how to open a popup (maybe with the notifier component) when the app is updated and show text or a list of items (changelog list) divided by version number? Could this be a component that can be added to Makeroid?

You can detect the change in your app’s version codes and display a dialog on Initialize.

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Something like:

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Ok… But the code is too long… I think the best option is to replace numbers with code name block (from Special tools extension) and then update the changelog…
@pavi2410 Can the text block be multiline?

Let me find it out and then I will tell you

Yes. With <b,r> (No comma).

Also can be with HTML codes, right?

You are right.

I mean multiline in the blocks editor

Yes you can.

How? With the code above?

You can compare let your app compare the old version and the new version so with that, the changelog will ONLY appear when an update is applied to the app. So the user won’t always have to see the changelog.

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So? How to do this?