Changes to Invalid Traffic in Google Ad Manager


We have recently pushed a change to how we assume Invalid Traffic in your apps using Google Ad Manager.

  • Earnings on or before February 2023
    Kodular was assuming all invalid traffic, so users were receiving the full amount despite the generated invalid traffic. There were no deductions as of now for this invalid traffic.

  • Earnings on or after March 2023
    Users will now start assuming their generated invalid traffic. This will not repercute in a huge amount (majority of the users will see less than 0.5% of their revenue affected by invalid traffic).

We are applying this change to encourage users to better place the ads, and reduce the generated invalid traffic and spam clicks.

Best regards,
Kodular Staff

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Iam not clicking on my app… Then what is this invalid traffic

There is nothing you have to do with this. This is just to how we send your revenue, as we will now apply these deductions (we were not applying them till now).

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