Changing the visibility of a button not working as I'd like


So I just migrated an app from thunkable to kodular. The following worked fine on thunkable but doesn’t work on kodular.

I had a button when pushed it turned that button invisible and turned another button in the same position visible as it switched the visibility of arrangements.
Now in Kodular that button won’t go visible but it will make the other button visible and then I have an overlay of one button appearing on top of the other button and neither functioning.

Any thoughts or comments on this … besides space out the buttons :slight_smile:

See if this helps


@cian … Thanks … Weird little bug :slight_smile:
I will follow those steps … I also imagine maybe just putting each button inside its own arrangement might also work and toggling the visibility of the arrangement.

Let me know if that works. I doubt it because the issue is with the rendering of the button (show feedback etc). Would be interesting to see for sure.