Chat app in Kodular

I want to build a chat app in Kodular with which database would you recommend me to use? (I was told firebace would be valuable to chat)

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use firebase

This guide may help you.


No other solution? . I was told it was really expensive to use it for a chat app

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I do not recommend using the fire base because it is very expensive and also because in applications like chat some people may send a message at the same time and the problem that is known with the fire base is data loss

Database with sockets

Im not understand…

Database such as mysql or any with for bidirectional data transfer and real time chating

I don’t think firebase is expensive, and it’s also not true that there’s data loss. Create a chat with firebase and I use the spark plan (free). I have 45 users.
I would like to know why you think it is expensive, greetings

what about A Chat Demo with PubNub


For database

You can buy vps server and then you can create your own realtime database :grinning:

Use this :- Build your own Realtime Database with and MongoDB | by Teyyihan Aksu | The Startup | Medium

Hope it helps :heart:

You can see the topic I created because of this problem:

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How to do it in the kodular?

AirDSocketIOClient Extension
Here is my extension which takes over the functions of SocketIO !!
Please test !!
You can configure a Node.JS server with Socket.IO and use my extension to link to the server !!! It works.
Thank you

Best Mysql

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