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i am currently working on a chat application i have code i want you to see, if i am doing the right thing. the concept of this simple chat app is as follows;
The user will authenticate his mobile number through google and the number will be saved using Firebase database, once that is done it takes the user directly to the chatting page. Once the page is opened the app will check all his contact for each item in his contact list, if any of the numbers are stored in the database then it will get the users name in which it is saved on the device also the picture and the mobile number which will be displayed in a list using Collin’sTree List.
I’ll send the my blocks. Thanks

       First screen blocks

      Second screen blocks

Do you have any problem ?

I just wanted to know if am doing the right thing

Test your project on Kodular Companion, if you get the results, you expected then you are doing write otherwise you will get error, if you done something wrong.
Read This,

Alright thank you

i have tested the block above, it didn’t work as expected. i decided to use airtable for storing the authenticated number since i know how to use airtable very well. after doing all my trials and error i noticed that the phone number number list returns an empty list tested using label. what i want to achieve is that when the chat screen opens, airtable will get all the lists of phone number stored, when airtable gets value i want it to check if the phone number number list is in the list of stored phone number in airtable, then if that is true i want it to get the phone number picker.picture and also the phone number to show in collin’s Tree list it will also check if the phone number stored on the device is saved with a picture, if it is true it should get the picture and display it in the list as well as the name of the phone number saved on the device.
Please how can i achieve this ?
This are my blocks

Use this extension to get list of all contact saved in users mobile.

Thanks so much I’ll try it out

The extension works well, the only problem I have is that I cannot use getcontactlist on screen initialize, but works when button clicks. In my app I need to get contact list when screen initialize, how can I do that or is there other way I can do it?

Use this tutorial to get contact list

I’ll try again following the block above

Thanks for the extension it really worked.
I need one more help from the community. In my app the first screen is to authenticate my users, once that is done the mobile number will be saved in airtable and also the name of the person will be stored as well.
After this the user will be redirected to the chat screen, i used timer to get contactlist, so once contactlist is gotten i want it to check if all the mobile number stored in airtable can be found in my contact list, if it can be found in the contactlist then i want it to show those numbers in collin’sTreelist. how can i do this?
below are my blocks.

I think this will help you. Go through the apk of this chatting app made by me. :point_down:
Chatroid.apk (6.8 MB)

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Thanks for your concern, but your app is full of errors and it’s not related to the questions asked.

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Did u get the solution
Please help me
I need to make same feature for my app
I used same extension but I am not able to get the number list list of registered users
If you got the solution please put the screenshot of blocks