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ı am working a imega chat app. ı upload image firebase storage then links are uploading firebase database. and ı am using chatview. when ı upload small image every thing is okey but when ı upload 2 mb image not showing on chatview. just show username. but image uploaded on firebase storage and link on there. how can ı fix it?

Actually the big size images takes too much time to load so that the problem. Use small size images only.

But users tAke picture then upload photo so o cant compress the image.and ı wait about 20 minıtes but not load

Use tiny db to store images on phone.
I mean download images and move to a hidden folder and store path in tiny db.This will work without internet connection.

I’m doing a chat application. large pictures sent by the other are not showing in chatview. so i can’t download. but both the image itself and the url is loading to firrbase

Read what I said:

I apologize for my misunderstanding. I did like you said. pictures downloaded to the phone’s memory. but I can still only see the small pictures. I’m loading the appearance of the application and screenshot of pictures on the phone. I’m waiting for your help.

Can you show your blocks? So we can help you better.

You can set a static misty image and when you click on the image you open the image
This is just an example

I come over this problem with screenshot. So Maximum image size about 600kb. I Show nearly 60 image. This is enough for me. Thanks

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