Check if cell phone time has changed

is there any way to know if the cell phone schedule has been changed, delayed or advanced, using any component or creating something?

According to ur topic
U want to know the time is not correct

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Use API to Get Correct Date & Time.

And Verify Device Date & Time With It.

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I want to prevent the user from changing the cell phone time, as this can cause fraud in my app, I would like to know if the cell phone time has been changed


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U can take time online dont need to use system time

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but if you don’t have internet at the time?


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then deny the users to use app

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I’ve been trying to find a solution, but there is always a problem

I will try to explain the problem better

I have an application that can run online / offline, I take time from my cell phone to set the time, like a visit,
but I have a problem that if the user delays the phone time, I change his visiting time

I can’t just check online, because he may not have internet, I can’t lock access because he has to use it without internet,
I had to find a way to know if the cell phone schedule was ahead or behind,

I can give a margin of error of 5 minutes more or less

I made this code, but there was a problem at the turn of the month, my previous tag was from the past month, when today came, it gave the problem, because
20201201+ (time) is greater than
20201130+ (time)

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he want to run his app offline

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is the System Time component composed of date + time in timestamp? or just time?

I could not understand


which definition?
date + time or time only

is this block timestamp correct?

doubt is if it is
date + time or only time in timestamp

example in php
The microtime () function returns the current timestamp in microseconds

Use this block to get time in ur desired format

blocks - 2020-12-01T191423.772

is it possible to transform into microseconds?

Use this block to convert the time into second after then multiply the result to 1000


I will do some more tests, but I think it solved


I will do some more tests, but I think it solved
you helped me a lot, I have no words to thank everyone who responded, my post
Thank you very much

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