Check pro (data in spreadsheet)

i used this block to active pro ( android ID and phone store in spreadsheet)

There is a problem, 11/03/2022 is expire date, BUT if user dont close app ( i mean it running in background) they still use PRO forever.
How i can call check if there is no phone ( global phone ) and do something (such as restart app or dont allow access like a PRO acc)
Thanks you very much !

You can use a clock to get the time a minute or so, and if the time is the expiry time, change to a different screen and say that the account has been expired

Can you share screenshot of database structure ? how you calling the data and also
whats the duration of subscription ?

if i delete phone number ( phone colum ) then pro will be delete.
how i can call spreadsheet check if there no phone and restart app ?

I got it

If user has active the pro plans ? or its lifetime

from 1 - 36 months belong user

Ok So do like this

Whenever any User Purchase or activate pro plans then save his/her data in the following way
(and you have done i think so)
In Column A == Store Phone No
Column B == Store the duration in millisecond

Create A Seprate sheet for pro activated user
and store the data in the row as i said above

and Just Try Like This and add other case what you want

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how about ID (android ID), if u dont check android ID, user can share phone number together
can i send you my aia

Since you are not able to get DeviceId, get Imei, get Meid, get SimSerialNumber, get SubscriberId and get Serial from Android 10 and higher devices use …

So in the place of global phone use global Device ID


Use Both using And

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If you are running this code in user app, then try this simple web url<enter_your_ghseet_id_here>/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&sheet=<enter_sheet_name_here>&tq=SELECT A,B where A='abc' AND B=123


It will return length of the list as 1 if value found, else it will return zero if not found… based on the result you can design… No need to call all the datas from the sheet, just try to call the specific user data alone is there in the data or not

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i dont understand your mean, my app is on CHPLAY, if i have more than 2000 ursers, how i can check ?

i hope you will save their phone number and device id in tinydb, just call that tag value.

if phone number and android id exists, you will get 2 items in the result. else you will get only one item. So by using lenght of the list you can confirm whether the user number esists in the pro database or not

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can you post full text in quote and in block set web1 url to join …
Thank you

The web url is already provided in the post itself. Did you check it?

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