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I now there are alot of topics on this topic but i am crrating new topic because i can’t find my desired post. Please help me
How can i check sim number of pakistan country code +92. ??

I want to create an app in which when sim number = my given number than open app otherwise app not open.

It will work well in lower Android version but this service is no longer accessible in higher versions i hope

Please help me to get sim number what should i do ?

What do you mean by SIM Number? Do you want to get the Unique serial number (Usually printed on backside of SIM) of a SIM Card?

If you want to get country code then try this extension by @Taifun

No !
I want to get sim number

If i check mobile number by ussd code than i need to get ussd code response in app label.
But how ???

Not possible. Else wait for others to response… even if do Google may reject due to you are looking for more sensitive matter and also reading users confidential. Why are you want to read ussd resp,?

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I will not upload my app in google or playstore.
I want to create app just for my colleague and i will add my all colleague mobile number in app and when my colleague open app than if his mobile number match with my given list than the app open otherwise not open.
I want to do this :wink:

Then use firebase authentication

use CloudOTP or firebase authentication


This one was very old extension, kodular have updated a lot. Before use pls make sure it works well in all sort of Android versions…

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