Check wether 3 no. are in sequence or not

i have 3 numbers. how can i check that available numbers are in sequence via blocks.

Add theese 3 numbers to list, then use “for each” block for available numbers and check if these " in list"( block under list category) or not.

Or you can simply use the SortList method of List Utils extension :wink:

I am unable to create block accordingly.
Can you please specify any example wirh block. Or share any useful like.

Can you Please specify how it done with extenaion

How can this show about sequence

You Can Do Sum Of 1st And 3rd Number And Divide By 2 And Check is It equal To 2nd Number.


Sorry, my suggested method needs to first convert the text into list.

But, I think, the method suggested by @ujjwaljain604 will work for you, try this suggested method.