Checking for dictionary

Hi All

These are the blocks


So, Ive created a Dictionary called plate_no… so far, so good

now what I need to do is on Screen1 initialize, I need to see if the dictionary I created has the key [plate]
written to it. (this is done later in the screen ) but this is for the first showing of Screen1 before it has been assigned.


Question is: What do I use for the component

Any help appreciated



if you want to display the whether is having a key or not mean,
just create a layout(either card/Ha/Va with a label. Set the label text to get key of the dictionary.

The function of the this notifier is to pop up a component only. But it wont you alert the text of the dictionary. Got it?

Sorry, I don’t understand anything you said. Perhaps the translator isn’t that great. What I want to know is what compo ent do I use…

Any component
May be a Vertical arrangement, horizontal arrangement, cardview, button, label etcetc

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