Circular progress extension bug

circular progress extension bug
cant able to change background color of sector ?
someone please help me out

What have you tried so far and whose extension are you using?

circular progress extension

Show your blocks, as what you have tried


is any problem in my blocks?

still it is red

Why two times mentioned? Also when the colour change need to execute after pressing a button or during screen initialize itself?

the main point color is not changing I have tried everything

You have set percent to 100% so it will remain full

to change percent you will have to use set sector percent block see the example provided by the dev he set the slider.thumbposition to sector percent

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I am taking about color not sector percentage
color of the sector not changing
please read carefully

on whiich event are you running this block ? screen initialize or button click

screen initialize
will it make any effect i have checked both

Try this and you will understand how it works:

Or you can just say what went wrong…

@shareall_ml Your “CreateSector” block is supposed to come after setting properties.

can i use transparent color ,unless it is useless

Try setting the color to 0 and then see the result.

Explain exactly what the goal is and show an example. Read this.