Circular Progress Extension [PAID]

This extension allows you to create a circular progress in any arrangement.
You can set StartColor,StartAngle,EndColor,EndAngle,BackgroundColor,Width,Round edge or Sharp Edge,ect…

Thanks to @chaimk for Sponsoring this Extension!


Create - It create circular progress in the layout you give.

EndColor - It sets the end color of gradient.

EndValue - It sets the end to value.

PointSize - It sets size of the point

StartAngle - It sets angle from which progress will start

StartColor - It will set start color of the gradient

StartValue - It will set value of starting the progress

StrokeCap - It will set the cap of the progress(Round or Sharp)

StrokeColor - Set the color of the CircularProgressBackground

StrokeWidth - Set width of the circular progress

SweepAngle - Set the Sweep Angle of the circular progress


This is properties picture with screenshot of output.

More Usages

Free Way

There are some free way to do it -
Circular Progress Extension (Preview)
Circular slider procedure (without sprites)

But if you want it to be direct without any problem or bug you can buy this extension(It also have some more feature)


PayPal - 10 USD
PayTm - 500 INR


Excellent work! Awesome extension. Impressive :heart_eyes:

Wooh, you just bombarded the community with many extensions.
Nice one :heart_eyes:

But similar extension is available which is free

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Why would i make something paid which is already available for free,There is difference that’s why i have made it :grinning:

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks @The_K_Studio :innocent:

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yes, but it has some known bugs and we can not insert label or any text within circular progress. but it is possible with this extension.


Also you can set max size of the circular progress which is not possible in that extension :smile:


In my procedure there’s no bugs! Just happy little features! :rofl:


Great extension @Atom_Developer :golfing_man:

You are awesome @Atom_Developer your every Extension is an amazing

Thanks @techVsurya and @Hadi_Editz :hugs:

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If this extension is sponsored by someone,why is it then “paid”? :wink:

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Is there any rule like it​:rofl:?
From Wikipedia:
Sponsoring something (or someone) is the act of supporting an event, activity, person, or organization financially

It means he just supported the Extension (Or Me) by paying some more extra money


Great extension but it cost a lot because majority of koders here is beginner and it’s not a affordable price :pensive:.

But i like this extension becuase we add labels, and something in layout


To make it more worth the price, how about you make it a slider and not only a progress indicator?
So people can use it as both, like the standard slider component.


I achieve this using svg.
Great extension.

Actually that would be so confusting with my current code(they both will be different),and i think there are many ways for a straight progress


Hi, How I get this Extension?

Well, just pay and get
Check my DM.

i’ve some questions

  1. can i add 2 labels like this :


  1. can i use this in a dynamic list like this :

please reply asap

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