Clear list when textbox is cleared or backspaced

hi all,

I’ve been searching through Kodular Community and it seems I can’t find anything close to what I need. But if anyone of you managed to find then kindly let me know, thanks!

So now I managed to setup a textbox for searching keywords from my Firebase database but I’m not able to do when people backspaced all and cleared the search box that the list also empty up too.

My partial blocks that need second part below to do the clear list function.
I got tried to look in Web component for the function but no chance.

The list still showing even though the search box is empty.

Please help, thank you very much. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Do you want to show the hole list again if textbox is empty ?

Try to move del procedure before if then statement.

hi @dora_paz,

yes, got it…thank you very much! :pray:

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