Clear Text traffic allowed on all domain

I am trying to upload my app on playstore which is a offline app using tinydb. In the pre launch in console i am getting the error that clear text traffic allowed on all domain. searched in the community about this. It is telling me to download keystore. How to go about it.
Thanks in anticipation

Get the key store in setting of kodular

Request if you can go ahead what to after getting key store. In one of the community answer it is written that i have to put clear text traffic flag to false in manifest file. how to go about this.
Thanks in anticipation

Use APK editor Studio, open apk, edit AndroidManifest.xml with an editor like Notepad++, save it, compile apk

in manifest look for


and change it to false

See example provided by @bodymindpower

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Ignore it.

I have the same problem will my app still get approve after this warning?
and how long it will take for playstore to complete my review
Thanks in Advance:)

Probably best asking Google.

As already said:

Sorry you say ‘ignore it’ but I am still not able to publish.

Is there something that I’m missing, maybe some method that I’ve missed in the comments?

But not because of this warning:

So there must be other problems (errors). Take a screenshot and post it.

Sorted, thanks

How did you solve this? @Morney_Deetlefs

@Harrish_Arun It’s 4th February 2022. Did your app get approved?