Clicking wrong one

This is my home screen

And it’s working properly but the profile screen is not working properly the main problem is when I opening a selected one then the position on home screen arrange in that way they opning eg

When I click the first one of profile screen it opens first from home screen so any solution for that

Is both of them in same screen? I feel difficult to understand. You are trying to tell that, if you click on colintree icon it is totally rearrange in the same screen, right??

May i know the reason why are you storing the colintree index in the variable using tough manner? Instead you can directly use that elementindex na… :thinking:

no actually the profile is different suppose the arrangement of home screen is ABC and by different different users if i a user which uploaded a B and C when i clicking on B it actually open a A and that the problem means in my profile i can see another user profile i hope u get it and the home screen and profile screen both are different screen

Ok, in such case while opening home screen, why dont you use the index as storedindex, instead of elementindex… ???

Replace the elemnetindex to get global storeindex

ok i try that pls wait

o my goodness such a silly mistake thanks for correcting me now its working :sweat_smile: :joy:

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now the same problem happening to delete button when i deleted to the selected one then it deletes by descending order or in ascending order

why dont you us the same get storeindex number here???

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