Clicks Ads To go Next Screen, Possible?

Hello Everyone I was wandering If this possible in Makeroid if a user don’t click on admobs Intersterial Ads, User will not able to go the Next Screen.

How can I do this? I saw many recent apps having this feature.

Don’t post your questions on multiple forums. The developers of Makeroid are also active on Thunkable. And if you do change the name of the product before posting it. :wink:


Well I agree with but both of this are different , Aren’t they?
Or Are you considering Thunkable and makeriod are same?

Maybe it is possiple if we add a click listener to the ad component.
Then we can handle ad clicks.
But i dont know if the ads components support this feature.


Mika, why would ad network enable this component.

I actually have an app that is created on makeroidd by a developer when I contacted him he ask 40$, Really 40$ For this?

Will I give you the APK?

Can you just give an basic idea how he did it?

I really need to this to control my ctr asking for help from last 3 days no one is helping me out.

Last hope you