Clock Enabled question

Does the Clock Enabled feature keep working when the app does not have the focus? In other words, when I switch another app into the foreground and my Clock app is moved to the background, will it’s Clock timer still run if it is enabled?

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Yes it will still work until the system or user finish your app from the current running apps list.


Thank you.

I have my Clock1 component on Screen1. I have it set to vibrate every 15 seconds as a test. When I select another screen, I don’t hear the vibrate sound every 15 secs…I don’t hear it at all. If I go back to Screen1 then I hear it again every 15 secs.

If I switch apps and put my app in the background, I can hear the phone vibrate every 15 secs as expected.

So my question is: when on another screen, the Screen1 Clock1.Timer method must not fire but the Clock1 timer must be still running in the background. I have always fire set to true.

Can someone clarify the relationship of the Screen1 Clock1 timer that is running in regards to showing other screens in the same app?

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