Clock.Format Date error pattern

Clock.Format Date - I need to print a day number of week.
On phone with android 5.1, xiaomi redmi 3 - there is an error:

Illegal argument for pattern in Clock.FormatDateTime. Acceptable values are empty string, MM/dd/YYYY hh:mm:ss a, MMM d, yyyy HH:mm For all possible patterns, see SimpleDateFormat (Java Platform SE 7 )
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Image 2

for showing time you have to use HH:mm in pattern instead of U

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and if you want to get day of week try these,

blocks - 2020-03-25T192446.052

blocks - 2020-03-25T192447.690


It works, thank you.
For some reason I didn’t guess to look at Clock methods.
Pattern with “u” works on phone with android 7.

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