Close app from webviewer

You can post what your button are in web ?

If Webviewer current URL =, then Close app.

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Yes you right but need to be load and this take time. With clock set to 250 close more fast :grinning:

so all these suggestions avoid the usage of @catastrophe2help

You can’t start clock before getting current URL! So, clock wouldn’t going to make it faster!

No, I’m not avoiding! Actually we all are suggesting you same method!

sorry, i’m going in a bit in confusion… can you show me an example that i can replicate? (sorry friend)

Clock start when the webviewer load and every 250 miliseconds control current URL. And is Current URL = Variable to go close them close. Already believe me I I have proved it and it works.

But @m75sa it already has the solution. I do not have anything more that to add

can you pls post a .aia file so i can test by my side? (if possible for you)

I just realized we need one clock to run this method! :relaxed: As we can’t do it on Backpress or anywhere else.

Yes you are right again, but @m75sa need to check button on web viewer

For that reason i suggested a clock.
Go back to @m75sa need to do.
You can tell me what are the button on the web ?
or more explain what you need to control to close your app ?


Configuring Clock : Timer Always Fires to True.
Timer Enabled to True
Interval = Anything from 100 to 300 (For better result)

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ok so in my webpage i have a simple button with a label: CLOSE APP…
the webpage is read by webview into the app…
that’s all…
i need the procedure to how to close app when i click on the “closebutton” into the webpage

OK. this button redirect to another link ?

You can set on button Close go to URL ?
Into variable set
With clock like @asimjib93 post you can control the link.
If link not it is not equal to keep on you site else close your app.
I suggested used Close Screen. In my test if using Close Aplication, need tab two times the icon to enter again in my app

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thanks a lot bot @asimjib93 and @bestprintsf
it works perfectly.
thanks again

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I happy of being able to help you. greetings

its clearly wrong.

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