Close application not working

I am working on a blood donation app. All functions are working but close application function is not working. It is working while other screen are not opened but when i open another screen & came back and try to close app , it will close and opens again in previous screen.Blood_Camp.aia (57.2 KB) IMG_20200309_192017

please check and help me.

Thanks in advance.

What is your screen1 name?

Screen1 name is default, means Screen1

Can u share your apk directly here… I will dwnld and check

Blood_Camp.apk (5.9 MB) here is the app. Check it

You have not shown your full blocks image there is a mistake in your blocks!!

What you want to do with timer component?

Double click to close app

It means you’re not closing your screen properly.

On the other screen don’t open screen1, close that screen instead to go to screen1

Your have not placed blocks properly.
Try this…
IMG_20200309_200401 IMG_20200309_200421

Place this both blocks in Screen 1.
Note. Timer value : ‘5000’

One more mistake you have done in screen2 and screen 3.
Replace your screen2 and sreen3 blocks with this.

Instead of reopening screen1 just close current screen.

Thank u for your help, you are great

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i have same problem as above
Please check the attached image
please help

Aia from developer 2.0 . Am i right

When screen1.Back pressed
Do “Close screen”
" Close Application"

I think it worked try

No , i made it . If it a aia of developer 2.0 then why should i ask here for help, it will work or not ?


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