Close application with dialog question

how to close my application with a question if you want to exit?

You can create an custom notifier with when screen back pressed block

Search about it on community.

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Why was my post flagged and hidden? Did I violate any rules?

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Thank you very much, solved my problem :partying_face:


1.He is asking question without searching in the community.
2.You helping him in way which most people think wrong here (including me).
3.You are violating rules not legally but ethically.

These are the correct solutions:

I would like to say one thing:
If you know something then it is good but why are ruining other people’s knowledge journey by directly providing code them.You should encourage them to solve their problems by own and if they fail then you can help them.

Have you ever seen Taifun or Peter posting blocks without knowing what user has done?

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But I see users directly posting blocks in other posts… I was not providing blocks in the beginning but when I saw other users doing this then I am also providing blocks as it helps them directly

This is normal behavior of everyone to do same what others are doing but we should be unique in yourself.
I am not saying you are wrong or your intentions are wrong but your method of helping is wrong.
Let them struggle (Not like Ananya Pandey :joy: ) to find correct answer or at least try from themselves.


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