Close application

Dear I am having trouble closing my application either by the button or by BackPressed.
I saw some articles in this community and nothing to solve the problem. There is always a runtime error: “closing forms is not currently supported during development”.

Image1 Image2

DialogBox.aia (63.9 KB)

As you can see if I use the command by the exit button with the “Close Application” control also gives the same error “” closing forms is not currently supported during development "
Need help!

Says all.
Test it as apk

Mika, thanks for your help. This function will really only work with the apk. I would like to ask another question. I always run tests on Connect to companion. I tried to download Makeroid Stater v1.0. but my antivirus accuses viruses. Is there any way to do this?

Misleading warning, disable the antivirus temporarily.