"Cloudbd Error: System error getting tag"

Anyone know what is causing this “Cloudbd Error: System error getting tag”
Thanks a lot

Hello. Please be way more specified + post image. Then we can help you.


Just posting an image is not what I said. You have to explain what you are trying, why, and how you are trying, when the error comes and what happens in that moment. Please take a look at this, too.

We don’t provide a default server for the CloudDB component so you’ll need to setup your own server. Have you done that?


I have Cloudbd configured and in a menu screen it works and in this one it does not

The problem is that when I initialize the screen and I want to get the value of the label, it is when it gives the error “Cloudbd Error: System error getting tag”
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On another screen of the application in which a series of incidents are collected, it obtains the value of the label and on the screen where the routes are saved, it is when the error occurs. I have Cloudbd configured.

Error says that you are getting tag which doesn’t exists.
Try to get this tag on that screen where clouddb works perfectly