CloudDB to many connections, how to disconnect?

Hi @all,

I need some advice from the community related to a problem with cloudDB connections.

I put the call GetValue and call StoreValue functions inside of procedures, so that i can use the same call function every time in different areas of my code.

I expect that each of these call functions will create max. 1 connection to the RedisServer. And everytime i call it through the procedure it will not increase (because it’s the same which is already connected)

But in reality it is not like that. Each time I call the procedure the connection counter (in Redis manager) is increasing. until I get 30 connections. After that it is blocked and I have to reopen the app.

Is there any way to disconnect the Database, after i get or store my values?

To better understand her picture, please don´t care about the nameings or errors :wink:

try a search in the App Inventor community…
for example



Hi Taifun,

thanks for that, so it looks like there is no option to close connections while the app is running.

Coincidentally, I have now also found out that closing screens does not mean that a connection, established in this screen will be also closed. And a new opening of the screen establishes another connection, in addition to the one already existing.

Is that normal?

I always close the screens with the usual “close screen with value result”

That’s right, isn’t it?

If the old connection is not closed, I suspect that the screen maybe is not closed properly and because of that I keep opening new connections everytime i open the screen agin.

By the way iam also start to establis my own Server on a Raspberry.